Seminar Ekonomi di Okayama


Mr. Mirza Nurhidayat, Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Osaka greeted to audience at Indonesia Business Seminar held by OIBA (Okayama International Business Association), KJRI, and Chugoku Bank at Okayama International Center on 28 (Wed) November 2018. Even though Japan’s investment in Indonesia is strong, he said, there are still some conditions in investment climate to improve. He introduced in his greeting that speakers will suggest challenges for investment and solutions in Indonesia. Mr. Takayoshi Kunishio, General Manager of Chugoku Bank mentioned in his greeting that Japanese companies are facing various issues in Indonesia. He introduced that they install Asia Desk to support Japanese businessmen, and also dispatch a banker to BNI.

Mr. Puji Atmoko, Director, Chief Representative of Bank Indonesia Representative Office for East Asia (BI Tokyo) presented about economic circumstances and investment climate in Indonesia. Indonesian economy grew by 5.17% due to increase of domestic demand when world economy slowed down. Investment growth rate for the first half year of 2018 accelerated from 5.86 to 6.96% comparing to the previous year. Indonesia is now rated as stable for investment country. Government consumption increased by 6.28% in 2018 and marked the highest since 2016. Reserve assets in October 2018 reached to US$115.2 billion. Foreign exchange rate between Rupiah and US$ doesn’t fluctuate and inflation rate stays low in 2018, which means economy is stable. Therefore, these figures show investment climate is good in Indonesia. He forecasts in 2019 that even if global economy becomes uncertain, economy in Indonesia continues to recover due to good domestic demand, estimate private consumption figure goes up, and investment is accelerated due to completion of infrastructure.

Ms. Dina Setiawati Boediman, Director of Exhibition and Promotion Media, Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board summarized that economy in Indonesia keeps growing for 50 years and will grow in the future. Indonesia contributes to the world economic growth with growing GDP and population. Indonesia can be an appropriate production base to reach global market with large domestic market, rich workforce and natural resources and reforms of investment regulation. Reforms make business easier to enter into Indonesia with more open sectors, expanded tax holiday, and simplification of investment procedures.






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